The 4 Top Kyani Health Supplements – Is It Natural?

Natural health products and their claims are a dime a dozen, though the cost tends to be a bit steeper. Even using a search engine to find information about certain products will lead you to little more than a maze of content generated to look like legitimate explorations of the offering, but in fact are intricate diversions from actual effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the product. With MLM-based health products your ability to get an impartial review of the substance and its effectiveness is even further obscured by a mass of online marketeers looking to subtly direct even one sale to their benefit if possible.

What Is Kyani?

In seeking to find out the truth and the facts regarding the current “it” supplement, Kyani, a neutral and inquiring individual has a great deal of information to pour through. Before they can get to the root of the arguments for and against this supplement they first have to determine who is making them and for what purpose. In the case of Kyani, as with all supplements, we should deal only with evidence and factual claims concerning it.

Kyani Facts

Firstly we can safely eliminate most all claims of Kyani being a super drug or a miracle product. We can then almost certainly eliminate most all claims that this product is somehow detrimental to health, as it has been in existence since 2005 and the company has not yet been sued into oblivion.

Since there doesn’t appear to be a class-action lawsuit asserting that Kyani’s claims are not legitimate, we can safely assume before adding any more information that Kyani’s products are at least neutral as far as health-improvement is concerned.

Next, let’s look at the actual ingredients to determine if they have any potential whatsoever to affect or improve health. The argument made by many such health products is that food no longer packs quite the nutritional punch it used to and this negatively impacts our health, which is true according to numerous studies and our understanding of phytonutrients. You can learn more about benefits and the business opportunity by reading this informative post

Kyani And It’s Nutritional Value

Looking at the ingredients for each of the company’s products reveals that the answer is, surprisingly, yes.

One of the main ingredients in Kyani products is the Wild Alaskan Blueberry. Blueberries are a well-known source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Their claims regarding the potency of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry also seems to have been empirically reviewed and stands up to scrutiny. Their claims regarding the Swiss apple that inspired their products checks out as well, with even the former First Lady of the U.S. having used it.

Taking just the ingredients in the first product,

Kyani Sunrise

We find several correlations between the product’s ingredients and substances known to maintain or improve health. Claims of assistance in maintaining or improving heart health, immune health, digestive function, cognitive function, joint flexibility and energy maintenance all seem to be feasible and have been at least researched by an objective source.

Kyani Sunset

which claims to utilize the nutritional power of tocotrienols, there appears to be yet another correlation between the scientific literature and the company’s offering, with researchers having stated that. The biological role of tocotrienols, as minor components in vitamin E, has been largely underestimated,’ Omega-3’s, Beta Carotene and Vitamin-D in the doses listed on the Kyani website are also within recommended usage guidelines. Claims in the form of maintaining sugar levels, promoting nutrient absorption, immune system support etc… would appear to have a basis in empirical reality as well.

Kyani Nitro FX

This product makes use of Morinda Citrifolia otherwise known as the Noni fruit. The asserted benefits here are similar to those of the other products. The differences between FX and the rest of the Kyani lines is the use of Noni-fruit and other ingredients to create Nitric Oxide within the body and achieve the listed effects. The theory is sound and has been utilized for many years now in the form Nitro-Glycerine taken orally by heart patients. A cursory glance at the literature will also show a solid scientific foundation for the inclusion of Noni fruit and many of the other ingredients in Nitro FX.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme

which sounds more like an automotive product than a health supplement. The ingredients however are again, legitimate. CoQ10, magnesium, zinc, chromium, along with the previously-mentioned effects of the Noni fruit, are all nutrients essential to superior health and physical well-being. Decreased inflammation, increased circulation, immune improvement and the rest of the listed effects are certainly within the realm of possibility considering the ingredients included.


One can never be certain about a product they have not experienced for themselves, however after reviewing the ingredients, the effects asserted by Kyani and the literature regarding the effects of said ingredients, it is more than plausible that many of Kyani’s expressed claims are legitimate.

The longevity of the company- in an environment where supplements and their manufacturers are not known for their endurance- also lends some credence to the idea that at least Kyani’s customers believe in their products.

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