Welcome to United Dist!

United Dist is the leading alcohol and liquor store based in New Jersey. It doesn’t matter what alcohol you are looking for because you can find everything with us. There are available imported liquors from all over the globe, so there is no need for you to travel far just to get the taste you are looking for. Rest assured that all the products we have are authentic and of high quality. It’s because we understand that there are people who would look for particular alcohol and liquors that may not be available in an instant. We are here to see to it that you can find the drink you are craving for.

United Dist opened up around eight years ago. For those years, we have become the store to go to if you are looking for the best alcoholic drink. Our reputation has been built because we provide all the drinks you need at a very competitive price. We have everything you need most especially for the special occasions whereas you need spectacular liquors and wines.

United Dist is the one stop shop in New Jersey where you can find all the best liquors in the world.