The 4 Steps On How To Mend A Nasty Hangover

Drinking is fun most especially if we spend the time with our friends. Do you know what’s not cool? It’s the aftermath, none other than, the hangover. We get to experience excruciating pain and a lot more. Don’t worry because we have an answer for that. Here are the steps on how to mend a nasty hangover.

  1. Breakfast Recharge

Drinking alcohol will cause you to have a drop in your sugar which will make you feel down. Make sure to refuel with the help of some drinks such as apple juice to get some booster.

  1. Water Assistance

Water is the best way to relive a painful headache that you will experience from a drinking spree. If you want to lessen the pain somehow, make sure to drink water while you are also drinking alcohol. Instead of other beverages, you can opt for water as a chaser to neutralize the fluid content in your body.

  1. Go for light

If you have an alternative, always go for the drinks that have a clear color. The liquors that contain darker shades have more congeners which can drastically increase the impact of your hangover.

  1. Drink ginger tea

There are a lot of hangover symptoms that you can experience. It is not just the headache that you have to worry about because hangover can also make you nauseous. Drink a cup of ginger tea, so you will have something in your stomach to fight the urge of vomiting.

A hangover can be nasty that it will make you think never to drink again. Well, we have all been there and done that, but we can’t help but indulge in another drinking spree once we are with our friends. Just do these hangover tips to lessen the burden of the dreaded drinking after shock. There’s no harm in it, and it will make you feel a little better.

The 4 Best Whiskey Facts That You Have To Know


Whiskey is one of our favorite drinks, and there’s no doubt that many people love it. There are just things that we have to know about whiskey. Here are the top whiskey facts that we must know so we can enjoy drinking whiskey the best possible way.

  1. One step at a time

You don’t have to force yourself if you are just starting to drink whiskey. If you are new at this, it is best if you will indulge in whiskey cocktails so that you can be used to the taste of it. It can be pretty intense most especially if you are not used to the flavor of it.

  1. Slow it down

No one is rushing you to drink the whiskey bottoms up. If you want to enjoy its flavor, you have to savour every sip you make. You can even try to chew your whiskey as it can bring out more flavour in your mouth.

  1. No rule

You read that right. There’s no rule if you want to drink whiskey. It doesn’t matter if you want it on the rocks or chilled. No one will judge you. You also have the option if you want to drink it while eating. It is all up to you.

  1. Age doesn’t matter

Unlike any other liquor, aged whiskey is good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is always the best. The things that you just have to consider are the water used, rye content, and the distillery. Even if the whiskey has not been stored for years, you can still get an exquisite tasting drink.

These are some facts that you have to ponder. Don’t worry because if you drink whiskey, you are the boss. No one will tell how to drink it or when you should drink it.

The 3 Luxurious Liquors In The World

The price of the liquor can be affected by a lot of factors. The amount that you have to pay for it will be based on how it was prepared, the age of the liquor, the packaging and so much more. Are you ready to be amazed? Here are the most expensive liquors in the world that will blow you away.

  1. Tequila Ley .925

Price: $3,500,000.00

At this point, it is considered to be the most expensive liquor in the world. It’s just too bad that no one has bought it yet. The tequila is enough to give it a high price, but it is not the drink that puts it on the top spot. It is the bottle which is made of around 6,400 diamonds.

  1. Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Price: $2,000,000.00

It’s vintage champagne that has been preserved to perfection for around one hundred years. The content itself will already secure a place for the top ten most expensive liquor but what made it to the top is that the bottle was made out of platinum, diamonds and of course, gold.

  1. Diva Vodka

Price: $1,000,000.00

If you are wondering what the most expensive Vodka in the world is, it is none other than Diva Vodka. It is not made of diamonds or gold, but the bottle of it consists of high-end Swarovski gems. It is also distilled thrice, and it is special because it was filtered with gems.

These top three liquors are undoubtedly expensive. There’s no doubt about the price because even the containers are already worth a fortune. Well, what can we expect if we see liquors that are worth seven figures? I’m pretty sure that the tastes of these drinks are also worth the price. If you have the means, go ahead and grab one.