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Greetings from United Dist!

Are you looking for something special when it comes to the liquor you will drink? Don’t worry because we have everything for you. Enjoy the wide selection of alcoholic beverages in our shop that is suitable for any occasion. Check it out and take your pick.

Gran Patron Platinum Silver Tequila

Price: $200.00

If you are looking for tequila that has the smooth and oak taste, it is perfect for you. The delicate composition of the drink proves that it has been made to perfection. Patron Spirits Company never fail to amaze us with their products.

Hennessy Cognac XO

Price: $250.00

We have the best cognac for you straight from the France. One drink and it will surely give you the pleasure that your body would love.

Ciroc X Vodka

Price: $230.00

It is a fine product from France that will give you a pleasant and smooth finish as it goes down on your throat.

Diplomatico Ambassador Cask Rum

Price: $250.00

It is imported from Venezuela, and it can surely give you the extra kick you are looking for in rum. Taste it, and you can never get tired of it.

There are a lot more products available from United Dist. If you want to verify the availability of the goods, send us an email at info@uniteddist.com.